One and a half days of (limited) freedom

Last week the incredible has happened. I still can’t believe it.  My Hubs was off for four days in a row and during 1 1/2 days of them he stayed home with ‘Timan’  while Mommy could do whatever she wanted.

Since I gave birth to ‘Timan’ this has never happened before. Can you imagine, not for 2 years, 7 month and 28 days. Ok, when he was a little baby there were some mornings I dropped him and some bottles of breast milk off at Gromi’s (my mother in law) and was able to do some shopping for clothes in town. This is not really possible with a little one who is not able to stand on his own feet yet. But when he started to walk I took him with me on my shopping sprees, actually I always take ‘Timan’ with me, wherever I go.

But last week I went to the beach on my own. I didn’t even call a friend to join me. It was wonderful and relaxing. There were not many people around, the sun was shining, the water was warm, there was even a nice surf (the pic I took before the surf started). I read my book, swam, took a sun bath, had a cocktail … with other words I gave myself the perfect day.

Back home we had an overly tired and cranky ‘Timan’ because Hubs was not able go get him to take his nap. So I had to hurry up to prepare dinner for the little one, brush his teeth and have him take his shower just in case he’s falling asleep early. Of course he was denying to be tired but at 7:45pm he was sound asleep.

On day number two I went shopping. Just for me. Ok, I also bought a story book about a locomotive for ‘Timan’ but that was it. And I realised something. People were looking at me differently. All of a sudden I was not the Mommy with a toddler in tow, I was a woman again. Incredible. I realised it actually made me walk differently, swinging my hips a bit (this is rather difficult when you are pulling a tot behind you or worse, have to carry him).  I just had to tell Hubs, but I think he didn’t like it. And this made me smile even more.

To make sure ‘Timan’ was napping without problems in the afternoon I ‘allowed’ 😉 Hubs to have some male bonding time with one of his friends, but he had to get some good pizza on the way home for dinner.

But then, the next day all was definitely back to the same ol’ same ol’. Hubs was still off so I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean out the kitchen cabinets while his job was making sure, the little monkey was not getting his curios little fingers into something he wasn’t supposed to. It worked more or less, ‘Timan’ had a couple of tantrums and Hubs a swollen foot because ‘Timan’ threw his little wooden toy-tool-box at him. Our efforts in discipline and social behavior worked only halfway, on the naughty chair he spent his time but he refused to apologize to his dad. Maybe he’s still to young to understand this concept. Or maybe he was just to stubborn to do it. We’ll have to work on this.

Lunchtime was one of the worst so far, his plate went flying off the table as he refused to eat one of his favorite foods ‘pasta with veggy-sauce’, only to ask for it after the outburst was over. And with Hubs in the house he was not able to settle himself down to take a nap and refused to accept my offer of holding him in my arms until he fell asleep, he even insisted on lying on the floor instead of in the bed. But then he wanted to be in my arms, fell asleep, only to get up and go down on the floor, where he stayed talking to himself.  Was he trying to ditch his nap again? Or was it because he knew Hubs was around?

Do your little ones act differently too when Daddy’s around?

Anyway, I have to take my fate and keep clenching my teeth and wait until ‘Timan’ is old enough to go to Pre-School. That would be at the beginning of next year but that’s a long time for me to wait. Or I have to send him to daycare on some days. Or maybe I send him to his Gromi for a little vacation, because even though Mommy just had a one, she so desperately needs another one.

How are the other ‘stay-at-home-moms’ handling it? Daycare, friends/relatives, or are you one on one with the little one all the time? I would so love to get your opinion about this.

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  1. My kids alwasys take naps when my husband is alone with them. I think they get ready for me, because when I walk through the door, they immedietly start asking me questions!
    Lucky you for those days off. It sounded heavenly.

    • I’ve come to realise that the little monkey is well in his daily routine, thrives on it and anything that disturbs this routine might cause a change, in his naps for example. And the other thing is, if the sounds inside the house are different than usual he has a hard time falling asleep. But one day without nap, no problem, as long as the ‘no nap’ does not become a routine. I so much need this time. 😉

  2. My boys are older, 17 and almost-14. My daughter is only 6. When our kids were young, daddy days ended much like yours. Tired kiddoes and overwhelmed daddy who needs a break. But I kept taking my breaks!

    When your son is older, he will need his daddy. There are just some things a mama can’t teach her son. He needs to know he is loved. He and your husband need time alone to be “the guys.” No matter what the lashback is.

    Parenting, discovering the boundaries and how to get kids to take naps, only happens with practice. I hope your husband and son will get lots more opportunities to practice and grow their own special relationship!

    Love, Karen

    • Thank you Karen for such an informative comment. I absolutely agree that a little boy needs to be alone with his dad. I’m sure things are quite different with Hubs, than when he’s just with me, or with both of us. And as he grows older he will need his dad even more. I’m quite a sport but there will be certain things ‘Timan’ can only do with a dad (the male bonding thing). Of course these things are the same for a girl, she also need some special time with her dad.

  3. Alex is a different creature when daddy is around too but then…daddy’s a soft touch

  4. That is fabulous! I love when I get time alone. Love it!

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