A new era has dawned

It happened shortly after ‘Timan’ was released from the hospital. Every day we had to go to the ER in our local clinic, where the dressing was changed, the dressing that covered his still open incision from his appendicitis surgery and the emergency surgery afterwards. One morning we met this Indian doctor. And he did what I’ve tried so many times before but did not succeed at all.

I’m talking about the last step in toilet training, or should I say toilet learning. Since more than half a year ‘Timan’ was doing great concerning the pee issue, he could do it while sitting on his toilet seat (like every mom, girlfriend or wife should teach their male housemates), while lifting up the seat and nicely arranging his things (all three of them) on the rim of the bowl and also when he was playing outside. After a very short time of practice not a drop went awry, even though the wind was his biggest challenge when he was practicing outside. His little friend was showing him how to do it and several times I saw the two of them doing their business towards a wall. So cute.

But he flat-out refused plop a bowel movement into the toilet. The potty chair he refused from the beginning to use for anything else than as a chair to look at his little books. He insisted on doing his BM into the diapers. I’ve tried everything, I’ve tried it with many methods you may find online, nothing worked. I’ve told him he will not be able to go to pre-school in diapers, knowing he’s already so much looking forward to go next year. He did not care. So I gave up. In time he will come around I thought, eventually he has to. Isn’t there a saying that ‘nobody walks down the aisle in diapers’?

But back to the actual event, or person, that changed everything. The Indian doctor.

He was looking at ‘Timan’, the wound from the last surgery, he frowned and thoughtfully shook his head. To me he said than: ‘Madam, the boy has to go without diapers. Or there will be i n f e c t i o n.’ And to ‘Timan’ he said: ‘No more diapers little boy’. And ‘Timan’ looked at him, looked at me, swallowed hard, and said: ‘But … want diapers’. The doctor again: ‘Nooo, little one’, pulled the diapers away and threw them in the trash bin. ‘Timan’s mouth was quivering but he did not cry, just looked at the doctor. Was it his accent, his beard, I guess I will never know, my little one simply accepted what he was told.

We went home, without diapers, he took his nap after lunch, without diapers, slept through the night, without diapers and he stayed dry. You can imagine my surprise. I never expected it to be that easy.

Of course, we’ve had a couple of wet accidents in some of the nights since then and one BM in his undies at the very beginning but it took only a day or so until he told me he had to use the toilet for passing stuhl. And he is doing fine since then. I’m proud of him and I think he himself is as proud as he can be.

But ‘Timan’ gave me areal scare about two weeks into his diaperless life. After the operations he was eating normal, lots of fruits and foods with fibers but he was not drinking as much as he used to. I constantly had to force him, often by waving a syringe and from time to time I even had to use it.

So after two weeks doing absolutely fine he was complaining about pain in his belly. I was so afraid that again something was wrong related to the operations that I took him to the ER right away. By chance his former surgeon was on call. During the ultrasound he threw up and went limp. Again there was a small amount of some liquid visible in his abdominal cavity, but apparently nothing to worry. But to be on the safe side and I guess to cover himself, the surgeon admitted ‘Timan’ to the pediatric ward for observation. Next day CT scan and another ultrasound and these tests showed his intestines were slightly swollen, luckily the liquid appeared not to be the problem.

But gas and a full rectum were causing the pain, with other words, he had a constipation.

I think under normal circumstances this would have solved itself after a while but with ‘Timan’s history of belly pain I could not let it pass without having him checked by a surgeon.

The most important thing now is to make sure he’s drinking enough water and eating enough fibers so his stuhl is not getting compacted and he ends up being constipated again. And he will drink, this I’m going to take care of, the little one is on a drinking schedule now.

But fact is ‘Timan’ has entered another developmental stage, the baby and bubba days are over and a new era has dawned. Now ‘Timan’ is a little boy.

How did your little one master this developmental milestone? With your help, on his own, the help of somebody else, did he have an ‘authority’ figure like ‘Timan’ had? Please tell me about it.


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  1. Hi,

    Did you ever find out the name of the condition that caused the rash? If so, what was it and how did you fight it? My little girl has the same sort of rash. Thanks

    • Nobody could tell me for sure, but I’m convinced it’s an allergic reaction caused by a change in the chemicals the water company is using to treat our tap water. My Hubs started to get untreated water from the mountains and we use this to shower and bath the boy and we use botteled water for drinking and cooking. And a little more than one month later the rash on most parts on his body disappeared. That’s why I think I was right from the beginning. The rash behind his knees however did not disappear. But this one was different from the beginning. I think it’s a dermatitis caused by his allergic reaction. Recently I started using Hydrocortisone for the area behind the knees, this worked like a charm, but two days after I stopped the cream the eczema started to come back, so I started again with it. So you see, we are still working on it. 😦 Good luck for your girl. Drop me a line if you feel like.

  2. I just leave potty training to daycare! haha lol Mother of the Year, right here ladies and gentlemen

    • Cool, that’s the way to go. Don’t laugh, but at the very beginning of the whole potty training issue I was actually thinking or sending him to daycare just for this purpose. But then came the doctor and it worked literally from one minute to the other. Hmmm, maybe daycare can deal with tantrums too?

  3. We had the hardest time with potty training. All of my (4) children were past 3 when they finally got it. I like to blame it on being twins, I’m not sure anyone believes me though!! We never had trouble holding in poo, inn fact it was the opposite. The twinkies, especially pooped pretty much everywhere. In underwear, on dressers, outside, once in a bowl that was presented to me like a prize! Ugh, I don’t miss that! Congrats to you!

    • Thanks, but I did nothing, the somewhat strange indian doctor did it all. Thank you dear doc. I’m still surprised (and delighted) and he keeps staying dry during the day, during napping, during the night, 24/7.

  4. Potty training. It’s never without some excitement! My girls are long past that, it’s hard to remember how they went about it. So glad to hear that your little guy is doing good! I wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway for an Amazon Gift Certificate on my blog! Woohoo! I’ll need your email address to send it to you! 🙂

    • Yep, I’m so proud of him, ok, once in a while he has a little accident at night, but only because I was giving him to much to drink before bedtime.
      Thank you so much for the Gift Certificate, I just wrote a comment on your blog and now I’m going to send you an email. Thanks again.

  5. Oh, how I am not looking forward to potty training. Glad you guys got through it ok!

    • To be honest, while looking around on the internet, I got a little scared at the beginning, especially after I’ve realised that it only worked halfway. And I thought ‘Timan’, who is rather stubborn, will take his sweet time to do it. Sorry little one, I was wrong. You are a star.
      So try to keep your faith even when your little one is not doing any progress for a long time, all of a sudden something is happening and he might surprise you. 😉

  6. It’s very common for kids to not want to poop on the potty. I relative had a similar struggle with her little boy. But wonderful that he just seemed to overcome with the magic words of that doctor!
    My little was going to daycare and getting lots of potty practice there and was showing lots of readiness at home. Right after he turned 3, one weekend I just put him in underwear and kept taking him to the bathroom about every 30 minutes. He had several accidents that weekend, but by the time he went to school on monday he was all good. as you said, no one walks down the aisle in diapers, they get there eventually.
    Now for your question about my cat, he’s kind of old – 13 – and even more lazy, so he pretty much will tolerate whatever nonsense I put him through. Although for some of our more elaborate pics there is a bit of ham or turkey involved to motivate the ‘talent.” 😉

    • I’m really thankful to this doctor, he probably doesn’t even know what his words have caused and I doubt he remembers.
      I was actually thinking of sending my little one to daycare on some days, not only to play with the other kids, but also to see how they are using the toilet for their BM. Hoping ‘Timan’ would do the same, like he was copying his little friend when they were playing outside. But then again, he’s still quite young and I didn’t want to put any pressure on him. And now all is good.
      I was asking about the cat because I used to have three of them, one just looked like yours and I could do anything with her, I think she was playing along because she wanted the attention so much and she was very talkative ;-).

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