Where to go on Saturday morning?

What are you doing on Saturday morning? Are you taking it easy and enjoy sleeping in, recovering from your Friday night adventures? Or are you an early bird making your rounds through the neighbourhood (called jogging) or are  you doing your weekly load of laundry?

Here in Paradise we do neither of them. We don’t sleep in. That’s not very realistic anyway when you’ve got a little monkey running the show like Hubs and I have.

We don’t do jogging in the morning. It’s much too hot already, unless you get out of bed around 4am.

And the laundry is being done anytime, whenever possible. Again because of the monkey – too many clothes are getting dirty when he’s playing outside as often as he can – and because sometimes there is not enough water available.

Oh, yes we do have water shortage here in paradise, mainly during southwest monsoon, the dry season, from June till September, when the temperatures drop 1 or 2 degrees and the wind pumps up a notch . But also sometimes during the hot and humid rainy season we are in right now, it all depends on the water storage in the reservoirs.

But we do something else on Saturday morning. We go to the market. Not only to buy the fresh produce like vegetables and fruits you don’t grow at home, fish, meat, eggs or spices, no, we – or should I say the whole local population – go there because of socializing. Make yourself presentable, and go to see and be seen.

During the week it’s easy to pass through the stands, people are going to the market to buy what they want and get out. It’s also the time then tourists are coming to take the obligatory pictures. You still find enough produce to choose from and for me it’s much more relaxing than on a Saturday.

‘Timan’ likes to go to the market too, he likes looking at the colours and the produce and is inhaling the different smells and asks many questions and wants to now what he’s looking at.

But on Saturday the market is packed. I am not claustrophobic but in case you are, do not go there. However because the merchants know everyone is shopping for the weekend, you have a chance to find some rare vegetables or fruits or just plainly a better quality.

Tell me about the market in your area, are you going to a Farmer Market or do you buy all your fresh vegetables and fruits in your local grocery store? Or are you growing everything at home? Do you go to the market for anything other than shopping for fresh produce?


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  1. We have a farmer’s market every summer and it is so much fun to go to. The kids love it and there are always great fruits/vegetables to buy. Although, it’s nothing like the one in your pictures.

    • It’s always a good experience for the little ones to check out stands, just sometimes difficult when there are too many people, and sometimes I’d rather have a more ‘organised’ market, I guess when my own childhood is coming to my mind 😉

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