A thief always brakes in during the wee hours while light and TV are still on, doesn’t he?

Finally being back in our own house, our own four walls, felt such a relieve after the ordeal of surgery 1 and emergency-surgery 2 ‘Timan’ lived through and the constant worries we had for his well-being during this time. Home sweet home, here we are.

But one should never feel too secure, I learned fast and the hard way.

Let me tell you about the events after our homecoming from the hospital middle of march.

The little one, still recovering, wanted to go to bed long before his usual bedtime. I was very tired myself, the events ‘Timan’ hardly survived during the last couple of weeks took their toll and I called it a day shortly after him.

Hubs however, who is passionate about soccer, made himself comfortable in the living room in front of the TV, ready to stay there a prolonged time of the night. Do I need to tell you he was dying to see the weekly ‘Soccer night special’ with his favorite English team on our local TV? Anyway, I did not pay any attention to this, I was much to tired.

The next morning I slept in as long as possible (6:15 am!). I heard Hubs leaving for work, only got up when ‘Timan’ woke up and took him to my bed for a cuddle session. Afterwards, on my way to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water, I passed the living room and realized some window blades were open, the wind was slightly moving the curtain, and my laptop was gone. I was puzzled. Hubs had taken my lap to work?! I grabbed the phone and called him. And there came the bitter truth:

Someone had forcefully opened the window blades during the night, reached in between the burglar bars, took my laptop incl. modem router while my better half was peacefully sleeping less than 2 yards away on the couch, TV and lights still on. He only woke up when the thief snatched the cable out of the extension socket and the socket fell on the floor. It probably took a little while until Hubs was fully aware what just happened and stormed outside trying to find the guy. Nothing, just wind and lots of rain.

Too concerned to disturb his exhausted wife, he spent the rest of the night on the couch and left early for work, well aware that I was going to call him as soon as I set my foot in the living room. Isn’t this sweet? I was not happy about it, not at all.

I called the police who surprisingly showed up within the next half hour, the finger print unit came soon after and guess what, ‘Timan’ and I made it in time to the local clinic for our 8:30am appointment to change ‘Timan’s dressing.

This day Hubs started asking around in our area. Maybe somebody saw something (very unlikely at 3:20am during a thunderstorm) or heard something. And yes, somebody did. Not the thunder I’m talking about, no, somebody heard someone ask around if somebody wants to buy a laptop. Somebody even supplied the name of someone.

And Hubs supplied this name to the police in his statement.

Almost one week later they caught the guy. He’s a former resident of our area but was probably living on the street, his mom is still living here, he is a drug addict. They did not retrieve my laptop yet.

I don’t think they will find my computer, the junkie probably sold it right after the theft.

It’s frustrating because on the laptop I used to communicate with my parents by email or on Skype and I so wanted to tell them that we’re back from the hospital and ‘Timan’ is doing better. On top of that I just had the old laptop’s hard drive replaced. But at the same time I was lucky because of the hard disk replacement I’ve saved almost all the data to an external hard drive.

Now this terrible month of March is over, we’re in the first week of April, I bought a new computer and ‘Timan’, Hubs and I are so ready to move on. It can only go up from here. Keep fingers crossed.


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