Paradise – love it or leave it

Living in paradise is great. Of course, you will say, it’s the Paradise.  And you’re absolutely right. I like living here and that’s the reason why I am here, makes sense  too, doesn’t it?

And seriously, for me it’s not so bad at all.  On the other hand, if you ask around among the locals, many among them would tell you differently. They would talk about the goods that are not available here or are overpriced, the goods that have been ordered for import but are not getting here (unfortunately todays pirates conquer places other than the Caribbean), the rising cost of living, maladministration in the public health system and the poor condition thereof, other governmental decisions and the aftereffects, selling out the paradise and many other things, their complaints go on and on. Unfortunately a lot of them are very true. There are elections coming up this year. The current government has made already a change in the right direction, but this change is hard on many less fortunate families. My guess for the outcome is that nothing will change, people talk but many won’t even put in their vote. And they would talk about the nice life people have in a first world country, easily forgetting that there too you have to work very hard to get to something. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

But isn’t this what we all do sometimes, don’t we all want to live somewhere else once in a while. Living in a land where milk and honey are flowing.

On many days ‘Timan’ and I do what I consider as my milk and honey. One of the reasons why I am living in paradise is for my son to spend his childhood like this:

and do this

or this

and this

or this

and maybe just do this

anytime he wants.

I am seeing the life here through my eyes I gained from growing up in the ‘real’ world but I also try to understand the issues the locals are having. But I know, that only the local people who have been living in the ‘real’ world for a while can fully understand both sides. The many visitors who come for a vacation might get a glimpse of it, if they have been travelling a lot and are interested in their host country’s politics and native population, otherwise they just see the paradise as what it is to the outside world, a real Paradise.

What about you? Is there a land where milk and honey are flowing for you? Tell me about your ‘paradise’.


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  1. Oh, that looks so beautiful. We are beach people over here. Love the ocean, love the sand. Our kids do too. Anytime we get to spend the day at the beach, that is our milk and honey…oh and on the rare occasion I get to sleep in 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere like Arizona where the weather is drier and we’re not plagued by snow storms. But as it is? I’d be in a land of milk and honey if I could figure out how to stay home with our kids.

    • Yeah, luckily I am a SAHM and have plenty time with my little one, which is good. Soon enough, in one year, he will be in Preschool and I need to follow their schedule. So I’m trying to enjoy as much as I can.

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