Every Mommy needs a helping hand

I’m in the wonderful position of having a little magnet. No, I am not talking about a maggot, maggots are what I’m trying to prevent the little magnet from putting in his mouth (they say it’s a good source of protein, but I do not recommend it).

My magnet is referring to himself as ‘Mommy’s little helper’ and is doing many of my chores at home.

Now you probably say ‘no way, never in a gazillion years’ or you’re shaking your head disapprovingly and uttering a ‘ts ts ts, that house must me a mess’. But only because you don’t know what I am talking about.

Well, maybe you’re right about the mess but I really do have help and it’s not a nanny or a housemaid.

The magnet, that is my ‘Timan’. Other than following my footsteps glued to my butt he loves doing what I’m doing, whatever it is.

So I just need to channel this never-ending energy into something useful for me (and for him), like helping Mommy for the main purpose of having a relaxed and happy Mommy. And ‘Timan’ keeps working and working and working and working because he …

… likes to clean the kitchen (great, I get to work on my blog),

… likes to broom (perfect, I get to drink my coffee, I have to lift the feet up anyway),

… likes to mob (terrific, I always wanted to start this book),

… likes to be in charge of the laundry, for example taking it out of the machine (cool, time to polish the nails ?!?),

…  collecting the dry clothes off the rack (time for a chit-chat with the neighbour, to get the latest update what’s going on in our district)

… and folding them (nicely!)

This is why I really  l.o.v.e.  being a housewife.

Life is good here in paradise with ‘Timan’ (and Hubs too, of course, no, no, I’m not forgetting you).

What other things can I get the little one to do for me? I really need to do some serious thinking about this.

I am just wondering what things are your toddlers helping you with. For sure I’m not the only Mommy with a little helper on hand who runs the show.


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  1. I love it. My helper isn’t as good as yours yet, but he sure is enthusiastic. And that’s beautiful.

    Have fun!

    • Thanks. He just loves doing it, but he also loves pouring a bottle of shampoo over himself to help mommy with the shower (while in clothes and sitting on the couch). sigh.

  2. This makes me think that I need to put my little guy to work more often!! LOL!

  3. What a sweetheart! I LOVE this 😉

    I’m following from bloggy moms.


  4. He is SO incredibly adorable! He also looks like he’s doing a great job, which is amazing. Thanks for posting this… it really brightened my day!

    • Thank you so much, this makes the mommy very proud. He’s actually getting the hang of it like folding the t-shirts the right way and always brooming in the same direction, his future girl friend will be very pleased.

  5. What a sweetie pie! He is so intent on everything that he’s doing!

    • I know, he looks so serious, but only because he’s fully concentrated what he’s doing. He likes to do things right and by himself, without help. I’d like him to keep this concentration for his school years to come, but you never know …

  6. When can we schedule a little get together so he can clean my house as well? 😉 Very cute!

  7. So many parents struggle to get their kids involved! Kudos for you embracing his interest, and teaching him responsibility!

    • Thanks, I like to keep him busy and for ‘Timan’ it’s just the ‘game’ Mommy is playing every day, and of course he wants to join in. But at the same time he’s learning a lot of things without being forced to do it, without even realizing. The only thing he really has to do is helping to put his toys away at the end of the day or for example return the puzzle-pieces to the box before he pulls out the blocks.

  8. My little guy likes to clean too and it is awesome. Hope he doesn’t grow out of it

  9. Thanks for linking up with Fledgling Friday!

    This is great and he’s so cute! My little guy likes to help too, but he has a really short attention span so he ends up only doing it halfway. And then it’s usually more of a mess than when he started 😉

  10. Thank you, I’m the kind of person that thinks if you don’t dare to do something, you’re not getting anything out of it. You have to work on your own destiny. But as everywhere, there are ups and downs and this is a part of life, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

  11. That’s so cute. Little helpers are awesome! I love your story about how you ended up where you are. What a way to follow your dreams. 🙂

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