Something is ‘cooking’ …

Oh dear, we are not off the hook yet.

‘Timan’s temper tantrums were coming more and more often, were louder and louder, the meals were consumed in smaller and smaller quantities, and at the same time he was getting more and more clingy by the day, hour or even minute.

There is something cooking.

And it’s something else than the stomach flu we thought ‘Timan’ had.

Off to the pediatrician we went, for round number two.

What a day. And it’s not over yet, I fear for worse.

Today we had:

Lack of cooperation to deliver a peepee in a jar, lack of cooperation to eat breakfast, lack of cooperation during the examination at the pediatrician, lack of cooperation swallowing the medicine, lack of cooperation during the time spent in town, full cooperation on the way home, full cooperation during lunch (because really hungry by now), full cooperation to go for a nap, what’s next?

Oh, I know, until dinnertime we are staying in the ‘full cooperation’ mood, but when the time for the medicines (plural!) comes, we are switching to the ‘lack of cooperation’ mood in the flick of a second.

And this is going to be the way we will spend the next seven days, three times a day.  I really fear for the worst because I know ‘Timan’. The doctor told me this morning that I have to think positive, need to take a positive attitude towards the medicine drinking and ‘Timan’ is going to drink it without a hitch.

Dear Doc, this may work for you, your kids, but not for ‘Timan’. I’ve tried it in the past, and every time we’re back in this situation I try it again, but the outcome stays always the same.  You saw and heard it at your office today, didn’t you?

A big ‘thank you’ to whoever invented the medicine  syringe and the few leg/arm/hand maneuver to prevent ‘Timan’ from kicking, arm wrestling and closing his mouth and another big ‘thanks’ to my ex-vet, who taught me how to administer my cat a medicine while preventing her to spit it out (works not only for cats but for babies and toddlers alike).

Or are there other ways to get ‘Timan’ to drink his medicine of his own will, ways I don’t know of?  Ladies and gents, your suggestions would be very much appreciated and I thank you so much.


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  1. You could try going all vegan and no gluten for that poor little guy. 😦 See what happens.
    Meat is actually really hard to digest. Our bodies aren’t made to properly process it as well as lets say, a wolf. Especially gluten! It can cause bumps on the skin.

    Other than that I could see you being right about the water as the culprit. I just got a few itchy bumps on my skin tonight. I drank alot of tap water tonight (usually i filter my water).
    So maybe your onto something with the water there sista! Good luck with your baby I know you guys can find a solution. There is something your baby is ingesting that he shouldn’t.

  2. My only tips are to use those syringes, and make sure to put it between the cheek and teeth, as far back into the mouth as possible.

    Good luck!

    • Yep, this I’ll do, thanks. But I think soon we will have a turn to the better, because he’s the one that keeps telling me ‘mommy, need to take the medicine’ but when everything is ready, he’s turning away and doesn’t want to drink it. So I think being a toddler is playing a big role in this behaviour as well.

  3. Lynn, this is not weird at all. This is exactely what my vet told me, squirt, close the mouth and blow. For cats and babies it triggers a reflex to swallow, my toddler shuts his eyes for a second and swallows as well, but I have to make sure he does not push the liquid out before I blow and need to have him really locked with my leg (as you said) and arm while I’m using one hand to squeeze his cheeks (as gently as I can) to pry his mouth open and the other hand to squirt the liquid. It workes, but I’d rather have him understand it’s for his own good and do the whole process without force.

  4. Thanks so much for visiting Calamity Kate’s Kitchen Facebook page. I am off to expolore your blog! Cheers

  5. This is going to sound weird, but when you got him leg locked and squirt the medicine into his mouth….blow on is face as hard as you can. It surprises the kid and they swallow. I learned this from a nurse once. It works really good with babies, but it will totally take a toddler off guard too! Worth a try??

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