Racing till the rubber is hot

What’s a little boy doing on a Sunday morning when his little friends are at home with the families, his daddy is at work and his mommy busy writing this? It’s still quiet here in paradise because everybody is sleeping or doing what people do on a lazy Sunday morning.

But ‘Timan’ is a toddler and as being a tot he has to do something. He has to learn playing by himself, doing something alone. It helps when you are able to find things to do for yourself when you are a single child. And me, I’m a mom and as being a mommy I have to encourage him to do find something he likes to do for himself.

So I open the doors, let the still refreshing airflow come in, hoping this makes him want to race. And yes, he’s going for it, without a second thought. He grabs his tricycle and …

… shoots through the bedroom ….

… passes the kitchen door …

… heads for the living room ….

… leaves through the main entrance …

… turns around towards the kitchen …

… pedals back to the bedroom …

… and races back and forth while having a blast, makes round after round, again and again, until he’s missing a corner, is hitting the bed while passing too fast, is in urgent need of  a quick stop for refuelling with juice but always goes back on the track and races, races, races until the rubber is hot.

This tricycle was the very best toy we bought for his 2nd birthday and I would not give it away. Almost every day he’s riding it, indoors or outdoors, and comments it himself be telling me ‘Mommy I’m riding the trike, up and down and up and down and up and down, ‘Timan’ likes this’.

I guess soon we either have to get him his own little car or enroll him in the local gocart club, but will they take an application for a 2 1/2-year-old 😉 ?


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  1. that kid is adorable! love your floors!

  2. What cute pics! Must be nice to have a race track in the middle of your house. My kids are about 5 years a part so my oldest always had to find ways to entertain herself when she was little. She loved playing with babies and would sit in her room for hours and pretend with her babies. I remember one time she had her babies sitting in the closet with their faces towards the wall because they were on “timeout.” Such good memories.

    • Thanks Jessica, it’s very useful when the rain is pouring down. But he likes to talk to his stuffed animals too, e.g. a penguin called ‘Pingo’ is getting little lessons like ‘Pingo, don’t do this, it gonna break.’ And this always makes me think maybe I am using this phrase too much with him. But maybe not, and he’s just reinforcing the message .

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