The ultimate ‘no no’-day

This morning I woke up looking into the  a pair of brown eyes while from far I heard the well-known sound of ‘Timan’s voice, whining in his highest notes ‘Mommy you have to get up. Get up Mommy, now. N.O.W.’. And then I realised ‘oh no, I let him cosleep last night … this was a mistake.’

My second thought was ‘Hubs has already left for work, but it cannot be this late, there is no noise coming in from outside.’ And again the ‘Mommy, mommy, get up. Don’t sleep, get up. ‘ I turned around, grabbed my watch and saw 6:40 am. ‘That’s not late at all for a Saturday morning’ I thought.

I tried to persuade ‘Timan’ into some nice and hopefully quiet cuddling time but he refused without even considering. ‘No, no, N.O.’ and started pulling on my leg.  ‘Get up mommy.’

From experience I know that nothing is going to help now so gave my little one a kiss on his forehead, slowly climbed out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom while I was calling over my shoulder ‘I’m gonna get you some juice, ok’. I actually expected him to follow me but all he did was screeching and screaming ‘no mommy, don’t go, no, no, mommy stay’.

And at this point I just knew, today was going to be a very difficult day with a lot of ‘toddler behaviour’ . A day I and ‘Timan’, the both of us, would rather delete from our memories.

The day went on and turned out the way I thought it would.

‘No , I don’t want Porridge, I want Corn-Flakes’  turned into  ‘No, no, no, these Corn-Flakes I don’t like, I want the other ones, the ones in the blue pack. ‘ and this turned into ‘No, no, I don’t like Corn-Flakes, I want Porridge.’

‘No mommy, I don’t like this’, ‘No, no mommy don’t do that’, ‘No mommy don’t go’, ‘Go mommy go, no, no don’t go’ and even while we were playing with the blocks ‘No mommy, don’t take this one, I do it.’, ‘No, no mommy, I want to build the bridge’.

Everything I did today was followed by a negative comment from ‘Timan’. Today turned out as ultimate ‘No no’-day so far. I actually thought he has passed this developmental stage already. I guess I was wrong.

A temper tantrum that lasted almost half an hour because he could not choose between picking up the books he threw on the floor with my help or by himself (he wanted me to pick them up) did not help either ;-).

Of course he said he didn’t want to nap even though he was getting cranky and in the end was falling asleep on my shoulder within less than 10 min while trying to stay awake. And of course he woke up a couple of times and fell asleep again without problems. I think today’s interrupted napping was mainly because of stomach pain caused by gas. He’s still recovering from the stomach flu.

The afternoon was the same as the morning ‘no, no, no’, ‘I don’t like’, ‘I wont do’.


But in the evening everything changed. After I stepped out of the shower I found him like this:

All tied up in my t-shirt, unable to untangle himself. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. And he just looked at me and made a face. So I asked him as serious as I could ‘Sweety, are you stuck somehow’? And he had half a grin on his face and said ‘Y E S‘. The word I was waiting for all day long.


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