Belly matters – cute, annoying, painful and comforting.

Some time ago ‘Timan’ and I had a talk about where he was coming from. I kept it very simple and just told him when he was very very little, he was living in my belly, until he grew too big and wanted to come out to play. And of course he understood that neither his beloved tricycle nor the blocks he’s playing with all the time would  have fit inside my belly . He was fine with this explanation, and dropped the matter. Remember he’s just 2 1/2 years old and I was very surprised he showed some interest in this.

But since that day he’s having a somewhat strange and funny love for my belly. He likes to cover it with little kisses (cute :-)) and pat it and he’s telling me that the belly button is the eye, the belly is talking (of course my stomach is grumbling once in a while), smiling (??) and has to eat (mangos and apples, his favorite fruits at the moment).

But anyway, a short while later Hubs was joking about the ‘big’ belly ‘Timan’ has. Especially after a meal he really likes, he looks like he has swallowed a little ball in whole. One word led to another and Hubs ended up being the one with the ‘big’ one  ;-). But he did not agree with this at all (aren’t they all a bit vain sometimes, the husbands?) and kept telling ‘my belly is medium (size)’. I myself reinforced the message to ‘Timan’ that Mommy has a ‘flat’ belly. Well, even if that’s not entirely true, it does makes you feel good when somebody is telling you that your belly is flat, doesn’t it?

But back to the subject: very often babies and toddlers have a comfort object they take with them wherever they go. ‘Timan’ never had one. Oh no, that’s not true, he did and does have one, a very big one, and this would be me. Snuggling in my arms turned into pressing his face onto my belly. Whenever he wants some special snuggling time, it has to be with my belly. At the beginning I thought this is very cute. But now, several weeks later, it’s getting a little annoying. ‘Timans’ love, or should I say admiration, for my belly goes so far that he’s even trying to do the kissing thing in public, and I don’t like that, not at all.

But during the last couple of days, the belly became the main focus in ‘Timans’ life. For good and bad (painful). He’s sick in his own (stomach flu, I guess) and needs mine for comfort even more than ever.

Sometimes he’s telling me that he’s not a ‘bubba boy’, no, he’s still a ‘tipti bubba’ (tiny baby). Maybe this is just a developmental stage when the tots are trying to become independent but are too scared of the things they encounter once in while and are looking back to the ‘carefree’ days of babyhood when the only things that mattered were the nipple (food) and a good sleep.

And  I believe it definitely has to do with the belly talk we’ve had in the past. It’s his way of staying in touch with his roots, so to speak.

Be honest, deep down aren’t we all back to this stage once in a while when we would really need the special care and comfort of someone?


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  1. We never grow too old to want comfort from our mothers.
    I remember being away at college and getting the flu for the first time.
    Was handling it fine. As fine as you can be when you’re on the floor of the bathroom.
    That is until my mom called. As soon as I heard her voice, I started crying.
    I was 19.
    Yes. Our children will always want us. And I’m so happy about that.

  2. This is sweet! I’m my little guy’s lovey too – so I can see public belly kisses in my future. Which, although sweet, is still not something I look forward to.

  3. Fadra, you make me laugh, yes these little boys. But I’m not complaining, I’m happy ‘Timan’ likes to cuddle so much, as long as this time will last. I know it will be over soon enough. … sigh too.

  4. Stopping over from my pacifier post… Ah, yes. Comfort objects. My son has never been consistent but he does love some mommy snuggles, even at 4. And I’ll never turn those away. But I do remember a time when we were in the store and he would touch my “flat” belly and say “there’s a baby in there” loud enough for everyone to hear. And yes, I’ve had the shirt raised, and the skirt raised. Little boys and their mommies… sigh.

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