It’s giving me pain to see him in pain.

‘Timan’ is sick. Since yesterday afternoon. It hurts my heart. He’s so vulnerable and week, sometimes he has this high-pitched crying and sometimes he’s just softly moaning. He want’s to hold me, he wats me to hold him, he wants to be carried around, be cuddled, he’s in pain and he does not want to be by himself. And I’m helpless. I try to make it more comfortable for him and he keeps moaning. And it’s weekend, everything is closed, the doctor’s office and the clinic too.

After a couple of hours we went to the ER yesterday. And finally, there he could vomit, all over the room. A little bit I was relieved, he was trying to get rid of whatever it is, that’s causing the pain. I’m not the one who goes to the doctor because of every little thing, certainly not because of me, but for ‘Timan’ it’s different. He’s so little and vulnerable and he’s my son.

It was the first time we went to see a doctor because he is sick. Upset stomach, reason unknown,  we got medicine for the pain, for oral rehydration and a medicine for roundworm infestation. But I’m wondering what could have caused it. If it was something he ate, it must have been on Saturday morning. But I can’t remember anything different from other days. We were not even outside. Or maybe some bacteria in the soil he has put in his mouth while playing outside during the days before , and I did not see it?

Now it’s Sunday afternoon. After a restless night he woke up with a  fever this morning, the pain still there. A little while ago he finally ate half an apple and now he’s resting on the couch, he’s sleeping.

I know, toddlers are sick all the time because of things they put in their mouth, lick from their fingers. He’s had several episodes before, but they were different. And ‘Timan’ is different. He’s my son.  And it’s giving me pain to see him in pain.


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  1. Melanie, thank you so much for your comment, ‘Timan’ is still sick and I heard it’s going to last for 5-7 days at least. 😦
    In the meantime I was trying to check out your blogs but did not get there, neither the link in Blog Hop nor the URS at blogger are working, please give me a new link so I can visit you. Thanks.

  2. Hi visiting from the Blog Hop…so sorry to hear that your little guy is sick. It’s hard when we dont know exactly what they have or how to make it better. I pray that all is well and he is recovering nicely and will be snacking soon. When all is good I hope you will com visit me on both my blogs Lucky7Design & Mama J

  3. Thanks for your words, Jessica. We went to the Pediatrician this morning, don’t know what bug he has but in addition to the pain in the stomach his throat is inflamed too, that’s why he’s refusing the food. At the moment he’s sleeping and that is giving me some time to rest as well.

  4. It’s so sad when our little ones are sick. I hope he gets better soon.
    Following from February Blog Hop.

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