Rain in abundance

It’s raining in Paradise. After all it’s rainy season, northeast monsoon, whatever you name it. It’s been raining off and on since days and everything is dripping wet outside. And this is good and bad at the same time, as many things in life  (Just think about the cookies, I am sure you know what I mean).  The pouring rain is filling up the water reservoirs, very important for everyone on the island, but at the same time it’s keeping ‘Timan’ inside and this is bad. Very bad. Bad for him and bad for me. Being a single child myself, and therefore selfish by nature ;-), I  know what I’m talking about. But seriously, it’s just not so funny being locked up inside the house the whole day. I feel sorry for him. And for me too, because it’s me playing nonstop with the blocks, reading stories, cuddling with ‘Timan’ or better with his stuffed animals and making cookie dough (Graham-Cookies, which don’t taste sweet, because he doesn’t like sweets) so he can cut out his own cookies.

Sun, sun, sun, please come back, s.o.o.n. and dry up the puddles, so ‘Timan’ can run around and ride his trike outside. Did I say please?


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  1. Wow great your blog. Nice pictures……..In the moment I’m doing blueberries-muffins. Tomorrow is Darios 17th birthday and he likes the muffins very much. So a mummy does evrything for the kids… Big hug and kisses to evrybody…..Verena

    • Thanks, I just set up my page and started blogging during the last 2 weeks, will see where it’t gonna take me. By the way, I l.o.v.e. blueberry muffins, we don’t have blueberries here so I substitute with carrots/cinnamon/vanilla. Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. We have read jour report, thank jour, at a time later.

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